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When a child is born with a lifelong condition, ensuring they have the treatments and therapies they need to thrive is critical. The right care can make all the difference.
So can you.

Ashlyn's Story

Ashlyn sustained life-threatening injuries when a truck hit her family’s car. Doctors at Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare discovered severe swelling, bruising and bleeding in her brain, along with skull fractures and broken bones. Her parents feared for the worst, but prayed for the best, during her 12-day coma.

When she awoke, they worried she would be different. They worried that her brain had sustained permanent damage. Ashlyn’s care at Gillette was critical to diagnosing and treating her brain injury. Intense physical, occupational and speech therapy helped Ashlyn regain strength and mobility. Her personality, which her family describes as “fierce,” began to reemerge.

Now, you have the unique opportunity to help provide critical services to children like Ashlyn. Your donation helps Gillette kids receive the best medical care possible—so they can achieve healthier, happier and more independent lives.

Because you care, kids who have disabilities and complex medical conditions have the treatment and vital services they need to thrive.